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To support traditionally overlooked founders and their teams with needed capital to scale their company, and to earn venture-sized returns for the fund. [Examples of successful startups by traditionally overlooked founders include: Walker, Twitch, Attentive.ly, SendHub]


An $8M venture fund investing up to $250K into North American eCommerce and FinTech startups founded by traditionally overlooked founders. For accredited investors, fund terms are 2% & 20% and a $50K minimum investment. 


Our team will remain lean to keep costs down. Right now it’s just me (Ryan Negri) and a few unpaid scouts and, for support and transparency for LPs, we’ve hired Carta to handle the administration and accounting for the fund.


I source deal flow from a combination of accelerators, startup studios, nano/micro funds, inbound & outbound, social, and other networks. 5 startups are moved to  due diligence. Best startup (or 2) gets funded. I hope to keep the evaluation, decision, and funding process < 48 hours.


I started this firm because I am passionate about supporting startups. I love being able to support founders in every aspect of the business – but as an angel, I was limited. With this fund, I can make larger, more meaningful investments.  

Who We Invest In

4F Ventures Fund 1 invests in high-growth, early-stage technology startups. We look for the following in the investments we make:

 Traditionally overlooked


  Minimum viable or post-product

  Large TAM

  eCommerce, FinTech, or SaaS

  Based in North America

Why 4F Ventures

There are thousands of investors and funds out there and being a mutual fit is more difficult now than ever however, here is why most startups choose 4F Ventures:

Receive an answer—and money—fast

Work with a fellow founder with empathy

Get help closing your funding round

I’m here to help or stay out of your way

Receive valuable connections

Always cover our own costs


Meet the MD

Hello, I’m Ryan Negri, Managing Director of 4F Ventures. I’m an eight-time founder with a history of creating successful technology businesses from zero to (modest) exit (3x: Negri Electronics, NE RI, & Platinum Advertising). As an angel investor, I created a venture capital scout program and deal flow newsletter to help founders connect with investors, leading to many successful fundraising events. I’m a Techstars® and She256 mentor and advisor, sharing my experience and lessons in resiliency and raising tides to lift all boats. I’ve earned the trust and experience to make the right calls and always remain close to technology and consumer trends. I also bring additional strengths to 4F Ventures:

   Experience building 8 companies (3 exits)

   Reputation as a valued resource

   Access to high-quality deal flow

   Scouting & Due diligence expertise

   Fundraising experience

   Honest & Trustworthy

What They Say

“I’ve known Ryan for over 5 years, and over that time, he has consistently surfaced really interesting new deals that are off the beaten path and immediately investable. He’s got an eye for spotting the confluence of the right founding team and the right market opportunity.”

Eric Norlin

GP, SK Ventures

“I can’t overstate Ryan’s importance in our fundraising process. Introductions from Ryan led to over half of the committed funds in our pre-seed round. He’s great to work with, very founder-friendly, and has an excellent network at the partner level. I recommend him to anyone that has a chance to work with him.”

Scott Burke

Founder, Groundhog

“Ryan is the rare type of entrepreneurial visionary that you hope to have the good fortune to work with at least once in your career. Committed to the personal and professional growth of each member of his team, Ryan has taught me invaluable lessons about strategy, leadership, and achieving balance.”

Krista Whitley

Founder, Caring CBD

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